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A group of acting audition judges analyze a performance from an actor.When you go in step into the room for an acting audition, you are being judged based on everything about you. Believe it or not, but acting auditions and how well you perform at your acting auditions depend on many more factors than just your acting talents.

Acting  auditions involve everything about who you are as a person. You need your A-game turned on from the time you leave your house. In fact, depending on the circumstance of the acting audition, you might need to have your pre-audition skills going way before the day of. Knowing how to prepare for an acting audition is a skill in itself.

*One important thing to know about acting audition advice is that it all depends on the situation. Use our acting audition tips along with your own best judgement.

Who is judging me at my acting audition?

Everyone at all established with the organization your auditioning for. Yes, the judges sitting at the table in front of you have the most say, but don’t for a second think that other people in the room (if there are any) don’t have a little input. I’ve sat in on several acting auditions where stage helpers were in the room and reacted to audition performances and the actual “judges” took note. Even the person who greets you and walks you to the room might have a say. The point is, you don’t know, so be professional and friendly – or at least act like you are!

Other Acting Audition Judgement Factors

What else are the judges going to look for in my acting audition performance? They will look into more than just your facial expressions. Basics, such as, were you on time? Did you show an extravagant personality when you were walking into the room? Make them remember your name! Use your own creativity to do this (be professional, don’t go crazy), but there’s something to be said about making a lasting impression on someone. If it’s close between you and another star actor or actress then it could be your ace in the hole.

Make sure you follow direction well. Skilled directors can make a great film with less than star actors as long as they can follow direction. You will be so focused on your own monologue or whatever you have to do for your audition that you might forget an important factor. Listen to your casting directors during your acting audition!

Please share any other factors that you find casting directors judging in your auditions by commenting below.