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Tbart-police-shootinghis story is tragic, and the video – horrifying. For those who haven’t heard the story or seen the video, on New Years, several men were arrested for a small incident at a BART train station. One of the men, Oscar Grant, was somewhat squirming, but not offering much resistance to the police. The men were shoved and beaten by the police.

Cops roughing up alleged criminals is messed up – yet common – so this was nothing crazy at first. Until, the scene took a turn for the worst as one of the officer’s gun went off – shooting Oscar Grant. After being shot, Oscar claimed “I have a 4 year old daughter” but he was simply dragged to the side after being shot. Witnesses video taped the entire event on their cell phones and posted the videos on Youtube (who doesn’t nowadays). Below is the chilling video of Oscar Grant’s execution.

Cops claim that this was an accident, witnesses insist it couldn’t have been. What are your thoughts?