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Many characters are needed for an upcoming feature film. NYC are preferred.

Ari Fuentes: Character is a Hispanic male to play Puerto Rican, 18-24. Talent w/green eyes a big plus but not required. Lead Role. Ari is a 23, slim, attractive. A young poet trying to change American literature. Smart and optimistic. Became addicted to heroin at an early age. Cool with every one. Grew up watching his parents get high. At the age of 13 he came home from school and found his father dead on the toilet from a heroin overdose, needle in his arm. Presently in an unstable relationship with Lluvia, who he met one night in the subway.
Lluvia: Hispanic female, 18-24, 5'6″-5'9″ tall. Supporting Lead. She is Cuban decent, (Spanish or mixed race) tanned, very beautiful young lady. She is nice petite figure w/long black hair. Somewhat forward, yet patient. She loves Green Eyes very much, she loves him for him, she sees him as very talented, and loves that the most about him. All she wants is for him to love her the same way but cannot figure out why he doesn't. She is his go-to person and acknowledges he has some serious problems but doesn't know how to help.
Macho: Hispanic male, 18-24, 5'5″-5'8″ tall, 160 lbs. and slender. Supporting Role. He is a 22 year old heroin addict, Puerto Rican decent. He considers himself a realist, can be sarcastic and a bit smart-alecky. A bit depressed and is very jealous towards his friend Green Eyes. He is a bit short tempered. Even though he is jealous of Green Eyes he really looks up to him, he just wishes that his friend stays in the same place and stops trying to better himself. He and Green Eyes grew up together, so he cannot understand why Green Eyes has so much talent and he does not so he tries to knock Green Eyes every chance he gets; at the same time he hates being that way. Because of this he resorts to suicide.
Indian Pappito: Hispanic male, 18-24, 5'6″-5'9″ tall, 175 lbs., fit to medium build. Supporting Role. The 23 year old Puerto Rican heroin addict, not so smart but is very street savvy about. He likes to work out loves getting high. Likes the way it makes him feel. He loves G

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reen Eyes' poetry and supports him, but lets his friend down by not going to hear him at the cafe. Although he and Green Eyes are the same age, he feels like a big brother to Green Eyes. Has grown up with Green Eyes and Macho and feels close to both of them.
Jolie Santiago Fuentes: Hispanic or Caucasian female, 40's-50's. Very motherly. Dark looking. Rugged. Medium height for a woman. Must be fluent in Spanish. Jolie was committed to a mental hospital. She often puts her son down and takes out her resentment towards her dead husband on him.

Juan: Hispanic male, 18-24, 5'5″-5'8″ tall, 170 lbs. A Puerto Rican, 22 years old and addicted to heroin. A real mellow person that does not talk much but observes a lot. He is a solid friend, really believes in friendship. Sometimes he follows the crowd a little more than he would like to. He thinks Green Eyes is a little weird, thought that ever since they met. He always thought it was funny for a Spanish guy to listen to rock music, especially someone who grew up in the hood, but he accepts it.
Tony: African American or Hispanic male, 25-30, 5'9″ tall, heavy to muscular build. Heroin dealer who loves to work out. A real grimy dude that no one trusts. A real sicko when he has to be. He likes Green Eyes a lot. Thinks there is a potential. Lives in his mother's apartment in the projects, which he sells mostly out of. Can be arrogant and would be considered rough around the edges.

Lloyd: Caucasian male, 41-50, average height. Artist's manager. Shrewd. Impatient. Likes Green Eyes, but dislikes some of his ways. Very straight forward. All about business.
Bobby: Caucasian male, 35-40, average height. Green Eyes' boss and friend. he sees Green Eyes' pain. Knows guys. Laid back. Cool. Very open and understanding. Friendly boss until he feels he is being used or taken advantage of.

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