Free Casting Calls and Acting Auditions Online

Acting Auditions are hard to find. Or, shall we say, good acting auditions are rare and almost impossible to find. Don’t get discouraged in your journey toward becoming a successful actor or actress. Get creative about your casting and auditioning process.

Find Good Acting Auditions Where You Wouldn’t Expect

Where do you currently look for casting calls? Let me guess – Craigslist and sites like ActorsPages? Hopefully you’ve been checking out our acting auditions page as well. But here’s the problem with using audition sites that everyone else knows about – everyone else is auditioning at those sites to. I do feel the need to put a shameless plug out there, that we’ve found a good way of creating a site that’s strictly for serious actors. We post good acting auditions and don’t have the same (spammy) traffic as Craigslist.

Different ways to Find Acting Auditions

  1. Find Acting auditions through Old school – Word of Mouth
    This is going to take a little bit of actual talking to people and making friends, but you’re going to have to buddy up with other actors and actresses in your area. You’ll even end up competing with them, but you’ll still both learn about double the amount of auditions. If they pick your friend, they probably weren’t going to pick you anyway. At least your friend got the acting role and now owes you a favor (and maybe they made some good connections that are now in your social circle).
  2. Social Networking to find good acting auditions
    Maybe we got a little too carried away with the first tip for finding good auditions and you don’t have to time to make tons of new friends. Then at least make a lot of facebook and twitter pals that you can use to hear about auditions and other opportunities. Get connected with casting agents through facebook groups or fanpages in order to stay tuned into different auditions.
  3. Acting Schools are a good source for acting auditions
    Often times acting schools are well connected with different talent agencies, casting agents, and successful actors. Your acting coach or other staff members at your acting school will probably know of several auditions being held, or may even be creating their own production and hold auditions for that. Combine this tip with tip number 1 and make friends at your acting school. Now you’re “in the biz” – just not the majors – yet.

If you have any other ideas or tips for finding good acting auditions, then please be sure to share them with your fellow actors and actresses. Remember, make friends in your industry – you never know how much it will help you.