Casting Calls in Chicago are now available on Maintain Fame for free. We bring you free casting calls and acting auditions in Chicago, IL. Whether it is a paid modeling audition or a feature film casting opportunity in Chicago, we are the best source for pre-screened casting. We work with the best casting directors in Chicago to sort through casting calls and auditions to narrow down actors and actresses to only the best talent.

Free Casting Calls in Chicago

All Casting Calls on this page are Free to audition for. We are the best resource for Free Casting Calls in Chicago.

Acting Casting Calls in Chicago

Our goal is to provide mostly paid acting casting calls in Chicago.
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Reality TV Show Casting in Chicago

When Reality TV show casting directors come to Chicago, we are their first contact for help with casting shows and finding talent.
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Casting Calls for Models in Chicago, IL

From print to runway modeling, we are casting models in Chicago, IL.
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Chicago Casting Agencies

Chicago Casting Agencies are kept confidential. If you are a Chicago based Casting Agency looking for actors, actresses, models, or reality tv cast members, please contact us. We have years of pre-casting experience for TV Shows, Commercials, Movies, Print Modeling, and more.