Acting Auditions and Casting Calls listed online should always be free. We offer only Free Acting Auditions that are often paying positions if you earn the acting role. We try to find as many paying acting auditions as possible. When talent agencies, casting agencies, and movie directors contact us regarding pre-screening their acting auditions, we encourage them to offer at least some compensation in order to attract the best acting talent.

Online Acting Auditions

Our online acting auditions are all free to audition for. Trying to make it as an actor or actress but having trouble finding the time? We provide you with quality acting auditions and allow you to submit your acting resume easily for our review. Unlike many other acting audition sites, all of our acting auditions are free of charge.


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Acting Auditions by Region

You can also filter our acting auditions by region. Currently, we only have a dedicated audition page for Acting Auditions Chicago, but more popular cities will be featured on our casting page soon.