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We are casting for an acting audition in Nashville, TN for two supporting acting roles in a straight to DVD movie. For this acting audition, we are casting two male actors and one female actress.

The actors will be in multiple scenes with short lines. They group should look like they’re in their mid-twenties. They are supposed to act the role of college kids from a rival college of the main actors. There are several disputes over which college has the better football team.

This Acting Audition is in Nashville, TN
Since this acting audition is in Nashville, we will accomodate any travel needed within the Nashville metropolitan area. If you are far from Nashville, we may be able to accommodate you, so you should still submit for this audition. This is a Nashville acting audition, so if you are out of state, we may not be able to accommodate your travel.

Acting Auditions in Nashville TN are a great opportunity for actors.

Paid or unpaid acting audition: Paid Acting Role

Location of Acting Audition: Nashville, Tennessee

This is an open acting audition – Audition Below!

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